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From posters and brochures through to a full website localisation in 10 languages, WT helps Delineo deliver multilingual marketing materials for their clients







Delineo is an established independent advertising and marketing agency based in Manchester.

Since 2008, Delineo has trusted Web-Translations with their clients’ websites and marketing content.

From posters and brochures through to a comprehensive website for a global IT distributor which was localised into 10 languages, Web-Translations has provided quality translations which exceed the expectations of Delineo’s clients.

The Challenge?

  • Ensuring end client’s preferred style and tone are maintained across all languages
  • Dealing with changes to the source site once the localisation process had begun
  • Ensuring that all content is extracted from the CMS for translation
  • Large projects with timescale spanning several months
  • Importing localised content into each language version of the site through the CMS
  • Typestting of non-Latin charactersets

The Solution?

  • For larger projects, client-side review by native speakers undertaken at 4 stages throughout the project
  • Full access to CMS and collaboration with Delineo to ensure all content was captured before translators started work
  • Regular progress updates with Delineo and their clients
  • Experienced, dedicated Project Manager to oversee the project and keep progress on schedule

The Results.

  • Consistent, on-message websites in multiple languages
  • Seamless experience for users in their native language
  • New content can be localised and launched in phases
  • Projects delivered ahead of schedule
  • End clients have a multilingual asset to add to as their international business grows


We’ve worked with Web-Translations for 8 years and know we can rely on them to produce work that we can both be proud of.

- Talia Wdowczyk, Account Manager

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