Case Study – Diamond Manufacturers

Website localisation into French, German, Dutch and Swedish


to target multiple markets


within 1 week of launch

Founded in 2007 as Diamond Manufacturers, is an online retailer of diamonds and diamond jewellery.

Web-Translations provided website localisation into French, German, Dutch and Swedish, to target customers in these European & Scandinavian markets.

The Challenge?

  • Delivering over 180,000 words of translation ready for’s international website launch
  • Maintaining consistency among product descriptions
  • Supplying translations in a compatible format for Vashi’s web team to import directly into their CMS


The Solution?

  • Hand-picked teams of translators and an experienced Project Manager to oversee smooth running of the whole process.
  • Use of translation memory software to identify repetitions within the text,¬†and store translations for future use
  • Liaising with vashi’s web team to ensure successful upload and publication of the localised content

The Results.

  • Multilingual website launched on schedule
  • Consistent, professional translations and a language asset that can be used to benefit future translations
  • Impressive, fully localised websites to launch in the 4 priority target markets

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