Swissquote buscaba un proveedor fiable de traducciones de calidad para una variedad de textos que suelen precisar entrega urgente.

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Urgent translations

The Challenge?

    • Handle urgent requests for translations into various different languages
    • Translate specialised financial texts
    • Work with a range of different file formats
    • Complete projects with short turnaround times
    • Daily and weekly translations

The Solution?

    • Proceeded quickly and efficiently with each text thanks to our pay-as-you-go translation model
    • Put together a carefully selected team of expert financial translators
    • Used Project Managers are experienced in working with a variety of file formats
    • Placed each piece of text with a translator as soon as possible, with efficient project management

The Results.

    • Swissquote can communicate effectively across different markets
    • Pay-as-you-go translation offers a fixed and discounted rate, so is saving Swissquote money
    • There is vast potential for Swissquote to expand into different languages and countries
    • Quick turnaround

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