Case Studies


Localisation of marketing collateral, both online and offline, into Spanish, French and Russian.


Translation consultancy and in-depth keyword research for multiple markets.


Website localisation into French, German and Spanish for IT company’s client.


Localisation of 9 separate Wordpress installations, followed by regular source content monitoring and updates.

Grass Concrete

Creation of microsites in 10 languages to increase international exposure.

Quiet PC

Initially, key webpages were localised into 11 languages. After traffic analysis, the entire eCommerce site was localised into German.


Regular translations for both the website and the software interface, as well as market research services.

Dynamic Digital Depth

Localisation of a website to support Japanese distributors for Dynamic Digital Depth.

Polar Instruments

Consultancy and market research prior to creating localised websites, which led to increased traffic and international orders.


Localisation of multimedia headphone eCommerce website into French, German, Italian and Spanish.


Creation and promotion of a microsite in 17 languages.


The German ATDI website was successfully launched within weeks, and kept updated in line with the English site.

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