Still guest posting?

Anchor text links?

Blog comments?

SEO has moved on.

The methods that worked three years ago haven't just stopped working - they're actually damaging your SEO.

Staying ahead of your competitors means staying on the ball. Google updates its guidelines several times a year - and Web-Translations has a team dedicated to understanding how to get the best out of your online marketing budget.

Large-scale guest posting, press releases, blog comments and link directories are all devalued ways of attracting links to your website.

In 2014, it's about communication, innovation and - above all - CONTENT.

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The web was built to connect people - and SEO is about the relationships you can build with influential people in your industry.

Web-Translations has expert native linguists in over 100 languages, so whatever market you're trying to reach - we've got it covered.

In order to successfully market your site, you need to carve out agreements with the movers and shakers in your sector. Maybe you'll share great content with each other - or maybe there's a more direct way you can build a partnership.

You'll also need to build a rapport with your customer base and the wider community. Social shares promote your business and improve your SEO - it's a no-brainer.


Fantastic ideas get fantastic results.

Web-Translations will work with you to establish the groundbreaking ideas your competitors haven't thought of - and implement them into a wider strategy which delivers traffic and conversions.

Whether it's a brand new type of campaign or a clever new feature for your website - we'll put you ahead of the pack.


Content is king - so goes the cliché - and the cliché has never been more accurate.

The best way to get people to link to you is by creating incredible, interesting content - and distributing it so it gets in front of all the right people.

Web-Translations' team of expert, experienced linguists produce engaging articles and blog posts which get shared and syndicated because they're exciting.

To add to the value, your brand gets associated with thought leadership and top-quality content. It's a win-win situation.

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