Website Package

| £1500

Simple, straightforward localisation of the key elements of your website. We translate up to 5,000 words and will add it to your CMS for you. Add a pay-as-you-go contract if you have more content.

With our website package, we localise the core of your website to help you get started quickly and easily.

What’s included?

Project Setup

  • • Advice on top markets for your business
  • • Consultation about specific content and products to translate
  • • Consultation with your web team to determine the best technical process to add translations


  • • Professional translation of up to 5,000 words
  • • Proofreading by a second professional linguist
  • • Localisation of up to 5 images
  • • Interface testing by a localisation professional


  • • Keyword research to select 3 keywords per language
  • • Optimisation of key pages with 1 keyword per page
  • • Localisation of page descriptions and meta titles
  • • Inbound link from

Project Management

  • • Coordination of a hand-picked team of specialised linguists
  • • Our team will work within your CMS to add translated content

You can choose from a selection of 90 world languages.

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