International Market Testing

The Internet offers a great platform to test your product or service in global markets.

Your website can play a significant role in growing your business, but while the Internet has removed geographical barriers to trade, language and cultural barriers remain. The explosion of non-English websites means that if your website is monolingual, you are effectively leaving half your money on the table.

In the early days of the Internet, English was the dominant language of business, however not all businesses appreciate that this has changed. Subsequently few businesses have realized the importance of the impact that new markets can have for their company. While some neglect the growth opportunity, businesses that act will find that with little effort, new clients are instantly available.

Having a multilingual website shows appreciation and respect towards a foreign culture. Many US and UK businesses are slow to adopt foreign languages. Businesses that do embrace the global marketplace, reap  the benefits almost immediately. An international website adds prestige to your business and will make you stand out, head and shoulders above the competition.

Web-Translations' Strategic Approach to Localization (SAL) is an award winning service, which will allow you to test and monitor your international potential.

Designed to help businesses trade internationally, it ensures that you can be found in the search engines most used in each specified market, country or language.

For example, when somebody searches in Japanese for a product or service that you can provide, your website will instantly be available and accessible.

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