Translation for Publication

Language translation is an art, not a science. Being able to articulate meaning, emotion and nuances is much more than simply the transference of information from one language into another.

At Web-Translations, we understand the importance of the subtle differences with the inflection of tone and style. That's why, when it comes to top-quality translation, we work with the best, most experienced translators in the industry.

By maintaining your language asset, and paying translators well above the industry average, we ensure that your text gets the necessary time and attention it needs for top quality translation.

With proofreading included as standard, only mother-tongue and industry specific translators are assigned to work on your translation project.

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Note that we use Computer Aided Translation (CAT) software to keep a translation memory and glossary for all your projects. This means reduced costs and improved quality. One of our account managers would be more than happy to explain the benefits of choosing Web-Translations.

Translation for publication service is ideal for:

  • Marketing materials, brochures, web copy etc.
  • Books

Translation for Publication may be bought on a project-by-project basis or on a pay-as-you-go basis with preferential rates.