Localisation of website and marketing materials into 3 languages, followed by eMarketing solutions to drive traffic and sales.

Heatmiser is a UK-based manufacturer of a range of high-end thermostats for both domestic and commercial use in conventional and underfloor heating systems. Their thermostats are available as touchscreen, slimline, battery, wireless and WiFi-controlled thermostats. Their innovative products allow users to control temperatures via smartphone apps, the internet or SMS.

When Heatmiser decided to localise their website and product brochures into a selection of European languages, they turned to Web-Translations for our eCommerce Website Localisation services.

Working with their bespoke Content Management System, Web-Translations localised Heatmiser’s website for France, Germany and the Netherlands.

After a successful launch, Heatmiser then consulted with Web-Translations’ eMarketing team about promoting the newly localised eCommerce sites. With the goal of improving cocitation flow in order to improve rankings in Google for specific keywords, our eMarketing team provided offpage SEO on a monthly basis.

Top 5 SERPs

for French & Dutch keywords


bounce rates

The Challenge?

  • Localisation of English eCommerce site into three languages
  • Bespoke CMS
  • Marketing brochures in XML format
  • Online promotion in Dutch, French and German speaking markets

The Solution?

  • Linguists with technical translation background
  • Project Managers experienced with CMS eCommerce localisations
  • MemoQ software to manage the XML brochure translations, and SDL Trados to manage the website translations
  • Copywriting and link outreach activity to generate inbound links to the Heatmiser site



The Results.

  • Dutch, French and German sites where visitors can browse and purchase
  • In just over a month, the sites were ranked for a number of terms for all 3 languages, including: Kamerthermostaat (4th), Wifi thermostaat  (3rd), slimme thermostat (8th) (google nl); Heizungsthermostat (11th), Heizungssteuerung (14th) (google.de); thermostat wifi (3rd), thermostat programmable (11th) (google.fr)
  • Current monthly bounce rates are between 42% and 47% for the three languages
  • Thousands of visits per month

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