Creation and promotion of a microsite in 17 languages.

Zacuto is a global one-stop-shop for customised camera packages. They carry the latest technology in high definition (HD) cameras and their trademark camera packages are designed by Zacuto staff.

Understanding their global potential Zacuto, a US company, wanted to be “the talk of Europe” as well as target the Bollywood industry in India. With our microsite localisation service, Web-Translations created and promoted a microsite in 17 languages.


different markets


Link building

The Challenge?

  • Generate awareness of Zacuto’s products in 12 different markets
  • Improve website accessibilty and international exposure
  • Achieve high rankings in international search engines

The Solution?

  • Localised homepage to test new markets
  • Localised content to be concise and informative across a wide range of cultures
  • Optimisated and translated metadata to ensure that foreign keyword searches would include Zacuto’s pages in search results
  • Tracked global visitors

The Results.

  • The multilingual pages receive 1800 visitors a month, traffic that would otherwise have been lost to the competition
  • The most popular languages are Spanish, French and Japanese, which gives Zacuto a clear strategy on which markets to focus on
  • The overall Zacuto site has seen improved ranking and traffic, thanks to Web-translations’ efforts in link building SEO

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