Caso práctico

Entrega rápida de la traducción del sitio web y contenido del correo electrónico en 17 idiomas.

El caso práctico en inglés: Betsson





We know we can relax when it comes to translations because Web-Translations has got it covered. The projects team is quick to respond to our requests, and we know we can rely on them for prompt delivery of time-sensitive translations for our website updates and various campaigns. They’re really easy to use and operate seamlessly in the background, so definitely make our job easier. The service is excellent, and I’d recommend it to other international companies.

Jonas Eriksson, Head of Creative

¿El desafío?

  • Providing a reliable translation service for Betsson’s time-sensitive texts.
  • Fast, efficient turnaround of projects – often less than 24hrs
  • Getting the tone and style right for Betsson’s web and email communications.

¿La solución?

  • Pay-as-you-go translation,  combined with a dedicated Account Manager to respond as soon as requests are made.
  • A fast-acting Projects team to keep on top of each request.
  • Team of hand-picked translators who are specialised in gambling translations and writing online copy.

Los resultados

  • International customers benefit from a seamless visitor experience at
  • Regional Marketing Managers at Betsson have more time to focus on other tasks while we take care of the translations.
  • Our service to Betsson is expanding as other country managers and departments use us for translations.

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