¿Por dónde empiezo y cuánto me costará?

La clave para tener éxito es diseñar una planificación del proyecto adecuada y llevar a cabo una investigación detallada. Los diferentes niveles de nuestro servicio de localización de sitios web se ajustarán a las empresas en las diferentes etapas del comercio internacional.


Where do I start?

Every organisation is different. The key to success is with appropriate project planning and detailed research.

Generally these considerations follow the following points:

  • Which products will be sold to which markets?
  • What procedures apply for authoring and publishing content?
  • How will we handle communication from non-English customers?
  • How will the website be promoted?

Contact a member of the Web-Translations team to arrange your initial consultation and let us assist you with these key challenges.

How much does it cost?

We offer different levels of our Website Localisation service to suit businesses at all stages of international trade.

Proposals for website translation projects are broken down into:

  • Static content translation
  • Dynamic content translation (catalogue of products / news)
  • Payment processing (if necessary)
  • e-Business localisation for fulfilment (if necessary)
  • Testing and proofreading
  • International and local search engine optimisation
  • In-country hosting (if necessary)

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