Language Asset Management

Language Asset Management provides the following benefits:

  • Cost savings of up to 50%
  • Consistency across all content

This is achieved with two main features of Computer Aided Translation (CAT) software:

  • Translation Memory
  • Terminology Management

Translation Memory

This featured service ensures that you will never pay for the same sentence to be translated twice and will therefore benefit from substantial discounts on the translation of web copy.

Our translation memory system:

  • Enables automatic re-use of existing translation and thus reduces the time of the overall translation process.
  • Maintains consistency in writing styles. This is important since teams of different translators will be working on your project.
  • Ensures use of your preferred terminology
  • Reduces translation costs of long-term projects
  • Minimises desktop publishing costs

Terminology Management

Every Industry has it's own specific terminology inherent only to itself.

Through the use of consistently detailed glossaries, managed impartially on your behalf, we can ensure that your distributors and agents do not adapt your intellectual property to better suit their needs.

Language asset management is included with: