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Your brand image is at stake with every campaign. Images and printed comms have to be right.

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At Web-Translations, we are highly skilled at typesetting foreign language texts and graphics and we have extensive experience of producing attractive finished documents in a variety of languages and formats.

International Desktop Publishing is essential because of the way language changes when it is translated. Text often expands in length when translated, which can make the translated version up to 25% longer than the original, creating challenges when it comes to fitting the text into your design.

Languages with non-Latin alphabets can also be difficult to work with for the uninitiated – for example, Arabic and Hebrew require completely modified page layouts because they read right to left. We are equipped to overcome these challenges and will adjust your design files accordingly to accommodate the translated text and make it look its best, ready to impress the final reader.

Our experienced typesetters can tackle anything from business cards and technical manuals to packaging, corporate brochures and posters – in any language or file format.

We are happy to give you advice about Desktop Publishing issues if you are printing languages for the first time or using languages you haven’t worked with before. Just ask us for guidance.

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