Ayce Systems Case Study

Ayce Systems Screen Shot

Ayce Systems is a leading supplier to the automotive and SMART industry, supplying top quality equipment for vehicle repairs.

We helped Ayce to translate and localize their website into French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese using specialized translators. The multilingual website now generates significant new business enquiries from around the world, raising their profile, international image and most importantly; sales.

  • The Challenge
  • The Solution
  • The Results

The Challenge

  • To create a new, international design for the website

  • To generate awareness of Ayce’ products in French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese markets

  • To translate the website accurately and so that it reads naturally

  • To achieve top 5 SERPs for the main search terms and products

The Solution

  • Web-Translations’ SAL Europe package for a comprehensive translation and localization

  • Re design of the Ayce website as a base for the multilingual sites

  • New localized content in French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese

  • Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimization and ongoing link building to ensure high SERPs

The Results

  • Professional translation and proofreading into German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese, all within 3 weeks

  • Ayce has now sold equipment in over 12 countries

  • Top 3 positions for over 50% of the 15 identified keywords for each language

  • Traffic to the website increased by over 150% within 3 months

  • Slick new design provided via our Partners Clever Clover