Air Mauritius

Caso práctico

Localización en chino simplificado de la interfaz del sitio web y del motor de reservas.

El caso práctico en inglés: Air Mauritius


website localisation


website traffic

We saw an opportunity to expand into China, and decided to launch our website and booking engine to provide these customers with a user experience in their native language. Web-Translations did a thorough and efficient job of localising the front end and booking engine, resulting in increased traffic from Chinese visitors.

Doris Ah Kay Mun

¿El desafío?


  • Localising English site for Chinese audience
  • Selecting content for localisation
  • Selecting linguists with the right experience and tone for the project
  • Maintaining consistency and ensuring use of specific terminology
  • Ensuring quality of content prior to launch
  • Keeping Chinese site updated post-launch

¿La solución?


  • Page and content consultancy as initial phase
  • Pre-localising HTML files prior to translation to optimise selected content
  • Additional consultancy for streamlining English content
  • Provision of sample pieces from translators for client to select preferred linguists
  • Use of MemoQ and Trados translation software to handle HTML files
  • Creation of glossary
  • Interface testing to ensure usability of localised pages and booking engine
  • Edits post-upload with small fixes prior to launch
  • Post launch, updates to Chinese site following English amends to maintain consistency

Los resultados


  • Discounted pricing thanks to repetitions and matches identified by translation memory tools
  • Consistent, accurate and stylistically appropriate translations for Chinese audience
  • Long term relationship formed through keeping the Chinese version of the site up to date
  • Further services for French and Italian including legal documentation

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