Can you translate my certificate?

At Web-Translations, we provide B2B translations to help our clients trade internationally and do not normally work with individual customers.

We cannot provide what is known as ‘sworn translations’ or ‘certified translations’; please check if that is what you need before getting in touch.

For more information on what requirements the UK government has for translations submitted in support of visa/passport/residency applications, please follow this link to the site.

We can provide translations with a statement on company letterhead stating that the document has been professionally translated. For some requests, we can provide a statement that the translator is a member of the UK’s Institute of Linguists (IoL) or the UK’s Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI), or is a member of an official body in a different country. However, this is not always possible.

Please note that our minimum charge for translations under 300 words is £60 (VAT inclusive) for most languages.

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