Caso práctico

Hemos localizado el extenso sitio web de Outokumpu en chino simplificado, italiano, alemán y finés.

El caso práctico en inglés: Outokumpu


for "高强度不锈钢摩托车车架"


websites in 4 languages

¿El desafío?

    • Deal with massive scale of the website
    • Work with Outokumpu’s CMS (originally Episerver, later SharePoint)
    • Ensure a flawless visitor experience
    • Engage with a wider audience

¿La solución?

    • Consulted with Outokumpu over relevant content for translation
    • Put together an in-house Projects team with experience of working with Episerver and Sharepoint
    • Tested user interface
    • Built a social media presence by creating blog posts based on Outokumpu’s research publications

Los resultados

    • Localised content is relevant to the target markets
    • Website content can be managed and updated in the same way as the English website
    • There is a seamless experience for visitors to the localised Outokumpu websites
    • Embracing Social Media has helped Outokumpu connect with their online audience

¿Está pensando en ampliar
las fronteras de su negocio?

Tras más de 15 años de experiencia, nuestra trayectoria prueba que somos expertos en comercio digital, capaces de obtener resultados excelentes para nuestros clientes.


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