Redes sociales y eCommerce

El 84% de los compradores online son usuarios de las redes sociales Incluir secciones de interacción social en su sitio generará más tráfico y le dará mayor relevancia frente a sus clientes.


Today’s consumers like to shop, read reviews and compare prices online. 74% of online shoppers rely on social networks to inform their buying decisions1, and given that a visitor arriving from a social media site is 10 times more likely to purchase than one from organic search2 the case for taking advantage of every social media avenue becomes even more compelling for eTailers.

eCommerce sites can benefit from the time that consumers spend on social networks by allowing social logins and sharing. This can be done by offering an option to login with a social media account, or enabling this at the checkout. Some companies offer incentives for completing a social login at this stage.

Consumer habits are shifting – 40% now prefer social logins over creating a new/guest account2. Enabling this on your site can help to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate.

Opening up social interaction on your site will drive more traffic and make you more relevant to your customers. Allowing shoppers to use social logins and share your content not only furthers your online reach, but also creates the opportunity for customers to spend more time on your pages. By enabling user-generated content like reviews and comments, you can double the amount of time visitors spend on your site each session. You can take advantage of this extended interaction time to learn more about your visitors and make them more likely to return.

  • 84% of online shoppers are active in Social Media
  • 79% spend half of their browsing time researching products.
  • 69% of customers look for reviews when shopping online
  • Social sharing boosts CTR of email newsletter campaigns by up to 115%

Sources: Hubspot, MediaBistro, Forrester, Ipsos


Social Media helps you not only to connect, but to really engage with your target customers in the space they actively choose to spend time in. To engage with a consumer audience, the main networks to focus on are: facebook, twitter and Pinterest. Our Social Media experts can help you to create a targeted strategy.


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