El ABC de la localización

La traducción es un arte y, como la mayoría de las artes, es más complicada de lo que parece. Hay varios aspectos relativos a la localización de sitios web que se deben tener en cuenta: Nuestro lista de la A a la Z le ofrece los aspectos básicos.


Translation is an art, and like most arts it is more complicated than it looks. There are many aspects to consider when localising a site:

  • Availability of domains, and the related purchase regulations
  • Blogs – the easiest way to create new content
  • Customs regulations and tariffs when shipping products overseas
  • Design and build of the website
  • E-commerce platforms – which one to choose?
  • Foreign addresses and contacts
  • Global distribution
  • Happy customers are the best form of marketing
  • International sales taxes
  • Japanese, Russian, Chinese and Arabic use non-Latin scripts, so you need an expert to handle these
  • Keyword research is essential to create a well-optimised site
  • Local search engines and directories
  • Multiple currency transactions
  • Native speakers should always be used for localisation of content
  • Onpage and offpage SEO are vital for being found in search engines
  • Political, religious and cultural issues and connotations
  • Quality Assurance is critical to ensure your website is localised fully and accurately
  • Research how your brand and strapline are perceived in your target market
  • Social media is a perfect opportunity to connect with foreign markets
  • Translation is a key stage of the localisation process
  • Use of imagery
  • Videos – the newest marketing trend
  • Website audit prior to localisation – how good is your English site?
  • XML, HTML, PHP, and other web files types won’t be a problem for an experienced localisation provider to handle
  • Yoruba – not a good website language, but there are many other languages which are!
  • Z – is this pronounced’zee’ or ‘zed’? Know your target market!


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