Cómo reducir el coste de sus traducciones

Lea nuestros consejos más destacados para reducir los costes de traducción. Si edita su copia, gestiona las escalas de tiempo y utiliza una memoria de traducción, puede reducir mucho el coste de sus traducciones.


Read on for our top tips to reduce translation spend…

  • Review your English text before you get a quote – do you really need all of it?
  • Use a professional translation service – cutting corners will cost more in the long run, and take up your time, not to mention causing untold stress.
  • Plan enough time to get the work done – any reputable translation provider will be able to give you an accurate quote for the timescale as well as the price. Rushing the project is likely to incur extra charges, and can be a very expensive exercise.
  • Make sure Translation Memory is used. You will benefit from discounted repetitions within your text, and will build up a database of translation segments that can be used for your next set of translations, meaning even more discounts! Read more about translation memory in our Expertise pages.
  • Standardise your product descriptions. If you use exactly the same text, instead of trying to reword things for each product, these will be treated as repetitions and will save you money!