Aruba Background Information

Discovered and claimed for Spain in 1499, Aruba was acquired by the Dutch in 1636. The island's economy has been dominated by three main industries. A 19th century gold rush was followed by prosperity brought on by the opening in 1924 of an oil refinery. The last decades of the 20th century saw a boom in the tourism industry. Aruba seceded from the Netherlands Antilles in 1986 and became a separate, autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Movement toward full independence was halted at Aruba's request in 1990.

Aruba Quickstats

  • Population: 100,018
  • Area: 193 sq km
  • Density: 571 /km² (18th)
  • GDP (total): $3.079 billion (182nd)
  • GDP (per capita): $23,299 (32nd)
  • Literacy: 97.3%

Languages of Aruba

Useful to know

  • Currency: Aruban florin (AWG2)
  • Dial code: +297

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