Geography of Japan

Location:Eastern Asia, island chain between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, east of the Korean Peninsula
Geographic coordinates:36 00 N, 138 00 E
Map references:Asia
Area:total: 377,835 sq km
land: 374,744 sq km
water: 3,091 sq km
note: includes Bonin Islands (Ogasawara-gunto), Daito-shoto, Minami-jima, Okino-tori-shima, Ryukyu Islands (Nansei-shoto), and Volcano Islands (Kazan-retto)
Area - comparative:slightly smaller than California
Land boundaries:0 km
Coastline:29,751 km
Maritime claims:territorial sea: 12 nm; between 3 nm and 12 nm in the international straits - La Perouse or Soya, Tsugaru, Osumi, and Eastern and Western Channels of the Korea or Tsushima Strait
contiguous zone: 24 nm
exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
Climate:varies from tropical in south to cool temperate in north
Terrain:mostly rugged and mountainous
Elevation extremes:lowest point: Hachiro-gata -4 m
highest point: Mount Fuji 3,776 m
Natural resources:negligible mineral resources, fish
Land use:arable land: 11.64%
permanent crops: 0.9%
other: 87.46% (2005)
Irrigated land:25,920 sq km (2003)
Natural hazards:many dormant and some active volcanoes; about 1,500 seismic occurrences (mostly tremors) every year; tsunamis; typhoons
Environment - current issues:air pollution from power plant emissions results in acid rain; acidification of lakes and reservoirs degrading water quality and threatening aquatic life; Japan is one of the largest consumers of fish and tropical timber, contributing to the depletion of these resources in Asia and elsewhere
Environment - international agreements:party to: Antarctic-Environmental Protocol, Antarctic-Marine Living Resources, Antarctic Seals, Antarctic Treaty, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Climate Change-Kyoto Protocol, Desertification, Endangered Species, Environmental Modification, Hazardous Wastes, Law of the Sea, Marine Dumping, Ozone Layer Protection, Ship Pollution, Tropical Timber 83, Tropical Timber 94, Wetlands, Whaling
Geography - note:strategic location in northeast Asia

Japan Quickstats

  • Population: 127,433,494 (July 2007 est.)
  • Area: 377,835 sq km
  • Density: 337 /km² (30th)
  • GDP (total): $4.220 trillion² (3rd)
  • GDP (per capita): $33,100² (12th)
  • Literacy: 99%

Languages of Japan

Useful to know

  • Currency: Yen
  • Dial code: +81

International Trade

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Japan Internet

  • Usage: 78,050,000
  • Penetration: 60.9 %
  • Top Domain: .ja

WT eBusiness info:

  • Success Ranking: 100
  • Market testing: Untested
  • Overall risk: High
  • Overall reward: Low


  • Tourism: 10%
  • eCommerce: 10%
  • Gaming: 10%
  • eLearning: 10%

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