Transnational_issues of Mauritius

Disputes - international:Mauritius claims the Chagos Archipelago (UK-administered British Indian Ocean Territory), and its former inhabitants, who reside chiefly in Mauritius; claims French-administered Tromelin Island
Illicit drugs:consumer and transshipment point for heroin from South Asia; small amounts of cannabis produced and consumed locally; significant offshore financial industry creates potential for money laundering, but corruption levels are relatively low and the government appears generally to be committed to regulating its banking industry

Mauritius Quickstats

  • Population: 1,250,882 (July 2007 est.)
  • Area: 2,040 sq km
  • Density: 616 /km² (17th)
  • GDP (total): $16.0 billion (119th)
  • GDP (per capita): $13,703 (51st)
  • Literacy: 84.4%

Languages of Mauritius

Useful to know

  • Currency: Mauritian rupee (MUR)
  • Dial code: +230

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