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Caso práctico

Traducimos materiales de marketing, guías de usuario de software y otros documentos a más de 40 idiomas.

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became our client


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Web-Translations was able to offer all the languages we needed and provide a typesetting service too. We’re really glad at how the partnership has worked out, as we regularly send work now and the service has been excellent. The whole process is quick and efficient. I would definitely recommend Web-Translations to other companies - in fact - I already have!

Christina Tattersall, Product Manager

¿El desafío?

  • Translate marketing materials for over 40 languages in different regions of the world
  • Communicate and sell to Emerald’s potential buyers in academic institutions worldwide
  • Create translations which reflect each region’s culture and working environment, as well as the variations within each language

¿La solución?

  • Pay-as-you-go translation packages to facilitate frequent, small purchases
  • Dedicated team of in-country translators for translation and proofreading to maintain style, terminology and consistency
  • Creation of glossaries to ensure consistency

Los resultados

  • Desk Top Publishing (DTP) for a range of languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Accurate translations take into account regional language variations for European and South American Spanish and Portuguese
  • Continued collaboration with Emerald Insight on further translation projects

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