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Emerald is a leading English language publisher of academic and professional literature in the fields of management, library services and engineering.

Emerald was established in 1967 and today offers a number of services to universities and libraries across the globe. Emerald’s 21st century offering includes its flagship product Emerald Management Xtra and Emerald ManagementFirst, its key product for the corporate sector. These are integrated databases which provide access to over 290 academic journals.

In 2006, Web-Translations initially translated marketing letters and promotional leaflets directed at key decision makers in libraries within universities worldwide, with a particular focus on Western Europe and South America. The business relationship has continued, with Web-Translations completing hundreds of projects for Emerald, including the translation of software user guides as well as presentations, posters, and emails for marketing campaigns targeting countries around the world. In this way Web-Translations helps Emerald Insight to successfully promote their online resources globally and develop strong relationships with its non English-speaking buyers worldwide.

The Challenge?

  • Translate marketing materials for over 40 languages in different regions of the world
  • Communicate and sell to Emerald’s potential buyers in academic institutions worldwide
  • Create translations which reflect each region’s culture and working environment, as well as the variations within each language

The Solution?

  • Pay-as-you-go translation packages to facilitate frequent, small purchases
  • Dedicated team of in-country translators for translation and proofreading to maintain style, terminology and consistency
  • Creation of glossaries to ensure consistency

The Results.

  • Desk Top Publishing (DTP) for a range of languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Accurate translations take into account regional language variations for European and South American Spanish and Portuguese
  • Continued collaboration with Emerald Insight on further translation projects
I would definitely recommend Web-Translations, as the service we receive is excellent.

- Christina Tattersall, Product Manager

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