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21st Feb 2024

To celebrate International Mother Language Day, we’re looking at why native linguists are absolutely vital for translations.

8th Feb 2024

After attending the RWS Service Release 2 webinar, we wanted to share a sneak peak of what’s coming in new Trados Studio Release. Here are some of the new features we’re most excited about!

30th Jan 2024

The use of AI tools has exploded. Translation and AI are becoming more closely linked, but where could this lead?

17th Jan 2024

We hope 2024 has got off to a good start for you! It's January again, which can only mean only thing... it's time to announce our Most Valuable Translator Awards.

3rd Jan 2024

Around the world, there are unique phrases that, at first, sound like nonsense. Here are some of our favourite weird phrases:

2nd Jan 2024

With a new year ahead of us, let’s look at some language-related challenges we can set ourselves! We’re excited to see what we can achieve!

18th Dec 2023

Catch up on the festive fun with our recap of this year's advent calendar full of festive phrases and traditions from around the world!

29th Nov 2023

For the month of December, we are offering a 20% discount on all translation projects. So, if you have some content that you'd like to translate, get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation quotation!

19th Oct 2023

To get you in the spooky mood, take a look at our hand-picked top 10 international horror films just in time for Halloween!