James Proud
Our Top 10 International Horror Films

Halloween is just around the corner! So to get you in the mood for spooky season, we’ve gathered together our top 10 international horror films! So make yourself a hot drink, get yourself comfy and take a look at our top picks! 1. AMERICA – Halloween (Dir. Carpenter, 1978) One of the first ever slasher movies, Carpenter’s 1978 masterpiece makes it clear why killer Michael Myers is right up there in the horror villain hall of fame. Even today, Michael still makes audiences want to hide behind their sofas without saying a word. 2. UK – The Wicker Man (Dir. Hardy, 1973) Police Sergeant Howie, a devout Christian, travels to the mysterious Scottish island of Summerisle to investigate the disappearance of a missing child. He soon discovers that the island residents are all practicing ancient pagan rituals, and they claim that the missing child never even existed. As soon as Howie arrives on the island, the mystery will draw you […]

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