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Subtitling and voiceover services for website, social media, eLearning and advertising.

Consumers expect video content; whether you subtitle or add a voiceover is up to you. We help with translation, typesetting, subtitling, voiceover and QA.

Adding subtitles to your audiovisual material is an efficient and increasingly popular way to get your message across to a global audience. Subtitles should be a key component of your communication plan, whether it’s for social media posts, marketing material or instruction videos.

Your translation project will be handled by our specialised subtitling management team. They hand-pick linguists that translate and then proofread your subtitles to ensure that they are readable and appropriate for your target audience.

We listen to your requirements and are able to deliver your subtitles in any file format, to be used on your desired platform or media. We can help you with any of the following stages:

  • Transcription
  • Time-coding
  • Subtitle creation
  • Subtitle file conversion and delivery

We work with experienced subtitlers, who understand the technical and linguistic limitations of subtitling as an art form. Subtitling goes far beyond a direct translation of speech, as reading speeds and character limitations must be taken into account.  Our subtitlers are equipped with the strategies to create high-quality, professional and readable subtitles, enabling your target audience to have the same viewing experience as the original audience.

Our subtitling services can be combined with our professional translation service, so your entire website or marketing campaign is localised and accessible for your target audience. By choosing us as your translation and subtitling provider, we can ensure that your brand is communicated consistently across all media.

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