Medical Aid International


Subtitling, voiceover and content localisation of medical eLearning videos for use by healthcare professionals in low to middle income countries

Medical Aid International specialises in providing medical equipment and accessories, training and biomedical support for low to middle income countries.

Web-Translations is thrilled to work with Medical Aid International, providing translations, subtitling and voiceover services to create training videos for use around the world.


eLearning materials


Content localisation

Totally happy to endorse this work by all, has been brilliant.

Tim Beacon, Chief Executive Officer of Medical Aid International

The Challenge?

  • Medical Aid needed appropriate eLearning videos for end users of specialist medical equipment as part of its Biomedical Engineering Course
  • Biomedical Engineers taking the course are based in French-speaking low resource environments around the world, all with different dialects
  • Medical terminology and content needed to be accurate but also accessible for end users who may not be native French speakers

The Solution?

  • French subtitling of English eLearning videos
  • Specialist medical linguists took care to use clear, standard French when subtitling
  • Voiceover in a clear and easy-to-understand standard French accent

The Results.

  • French-speaking Biomedical Engineers from low to middle income countries around the world are able to understand training materials
  • Biomedical Engineers learn how to carry out ultrasounds, defibrillation, ECGs and much more

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