Los 10 idiomas principales en Internet

A medida que aumenta la infraestructura de los países en vías de desarrollo, más y más personas tienen acceso a Internet. El número total de usuarios de Internet crece día a día y la mayor parte de ellos vive en países cuyo idioma no es el inglés.


The number of English pages online is increasing daily, but it is nothing compared with the number of new Chinese, Russian and Spanish pages.  New websites are constantly going live to meet the demands of growing numbers of internet users in emerging marketplaces, where improvements in infrastructure have led to increased internet access for the general population.

Estimated number of Internet users by language (2011)1



Internet users   

 % of all internet users

1 English 565,004,000 27%
2 Chinese 509,965,000 25%
3 Spanish 164,969,000   8%
4 Japanese 99,182,000   5%
5 Portuguese 82,587,000   4%
6 German 75,423,000   4%
7 Arabic 65,365,000   3%
8 French 59,779,000   3%
9 Russian 59,700,000   3%
10 Korean 39,440,000   2%
Others 350,557,000 17%

1“Number of Internet Users by Language”, Internet World Stats, Miniwatts Marketing Group, 31 May 2011

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