Externalización de procesos comerciales

La oportunidad de externalizar otras funciones, tanto las rutinarias como las más especializadas, nunca ha sido tan convincente. Externalice sus servicios de diseño web, traducción y eMarketing multilingüe.


Today, outsourcing services is no longer limited to call centres and the IT industry. The localisation industry has experienced tremendous gains in productivity and reach by engaging the scale and cost benefits of global resources, and other industries are also seeing the benefits.

The opportunity to outsource a range of functions, both routine and high value, has never been more compelling, primarily because talent pools in low cost regions are broader and deeper than ever before, and connecting with them is easy with new internet technologies.

Employing full time translators is expensive and unnecessary. At a time when organisations are under pressure to cut costs, managers are forced to look at not just the salary cost, but also the hidden costs, such as:

  • Delays in time-to-market, due to inability to scale up for larger projects:
    • Revenue loss
  • Inconsistent communication across different markets:
    • Brand damage
  • Human error with information processing:
    • Internal inefficiency
  • Management of staff:
    • Recruitment mistakes

As well as with language services, efficiency may be gained from outsourcing associated information processes. For example, publishing to a website, typesetting, research, graphics localisation, software localisation and more.


Outsourcing: best practice

You need a combination of global information management processes with industry-leading software, which will optimise your return-on-investment from translation and localisation spend.  Outsourcing the complete localisation process creates substantial benefits, for example:

  • Integration with CMS, ECM, WCM
  • Reduced costs = improved return on investment
  • Reduced risk = better security

Close communication between the outsourcer and your local teams is also paramount. Your outsourcer must become integrated into your corporate culture, understand your values and expectations, and be ready to respond to demand from a global audience of employees and customers.


Selecting the right partner

Outsourcing services must be done with care. We’ve all experienced poorly outsourced service, whether it’s on the phone to a foreign call centre or an IT development project that’s not been delivered to specification. The key to success is selecting an experienced partner, one that understands the challenges and knows how to avoid the pitfalls.

Our consultants are international business experts, and can assist you with a high-level requirements capture and needs analysis. This will give you a unique report of the challenges within your organisation, recommendations for rectification and an outline plan for implementation.

With the strength of the pound, and access to well-managed global resources, the time has come for business leaders to realise the benefits.

Contact us to find out how these benefits can help you.