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For any company, Australia’s appeal is still compelling: few barriers to entry, a familiar legal and corporate framework, sophisticated consumer and industrial demand, and a straightforward business culture. At the end of October 2005, the United States enjoyed a trade surplus with Australia worth approximately $US 7 billion.

The Australia-U.S. Free Trade Agreement enhances the long and successful trading relationship by eliminating tariffs on almost all manufactured and agricultural goods.  The Agreement also eased investment rules, and opened all levels of the Australian government procurement market to U.S. companies.

Successful market entry strategies for Australia have three common elements: understanding the market, selecting the optimal partner, and providing ongoing support to that partner in the market.

A common language and familiar business framework may lead UK and American businesses to overlook Australia’s cultural and market differences. It is vital to first gain an understanding of the Australian context for a product or service, its competitors, standards, regulations, sales channels and applications.


Australia Quickstats

  • Population: 20,434,176 (July 2007 est.)
  • Area: 7,686,850 sq km
  • Density: 2.6 /km² (224th)
  • GDP (total): US$718.4 billion (IMF) (17th)
  • GDP (per capita): US$34,359 (IMF) (14th)
  • Literacy: 99%

Languages of Australia

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  • Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
  • Dial code: +61

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