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Management Team

Daniel Rajkumar

Managing Director

With a background in IT and languages, Daniel founded Web-Translations in 2003.

Having lived in various corners of the world, Daniel is a fluent Spanish speaker. He is also involved with Rebuilding Society, a crowd-funding platform.
Jennifer Rodgers

Operations Director

Jennifer has years of experience localising eCommerce and information-rich websites.

Originally from Texas, Jennifer joined the Web-Translations Projects team in 2006, after working several years in France.
Laura Palmieri

Finance Director

Laura has worked in finance for a range of UK and international companies.

She joined the Web-Translations team in 2008, and is also very active in politics.
Jasmine Wastnidge

Client Services Director

Jasmine is a talented manager with a background in translation.

Jasmine has an MA in Translation Studies, and is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. She worked in Spain for 2 years before joining the team in 2013.
Ignacio de Pablo

Spanish Operations Manager

Involved in the localisation industry since 1995, Ignacio manages Web-Translations Spain.

With over 18 years’ experience of project and account management, Ignacio is the driving force behind our expansion into Europe.
Francesca Riley

Vendor Manager

Francesca joined Web-Translations in 2015.

Francesca has a German degree and an MA in Translation Studies. She has an excellent understanding of the translation industry and our suppliers.

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