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Based on a successful initial project, Acxiom selected Web-Translations as the Sole Supplier for translation services for all their European offices.


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Acxiom is a leading marketing services and data management solution provider with more than 40 years’ experience.

With established offices in Europe, South America, and Asia-Pacific, the next step was to open a branch in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia was selected as the location for the MENA office, and Web-Translations translated a batch of HR documents into Arabic to facilitate the recruitment of senior staff in-country.

Based on this successful collaboration, Acxiom selected Web-Translations as their Sole Supplier for translation services across Europe and the Middle East.  Since this point, Web-Translations has successfully delivered translations in a variety of languages to different offices, including Germany, France and the Netherlands.

The Challenge?

  • Specialised legal or technical content of most documents
  • Tight deadlines

The Solution?

  • Expert translators who have experience of the subject
  • Our efficient Project Management team keeping the projects on track

The Results.

  • Acxiom had everything in place to set up its Middle East office, and recruit staff there
  • Access to a one-stop translation service for Acxiom’s international offices
We are now using Web-Translations as our Sole Supplier for translation services.

- Amanda Poague, HR Consultant

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