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Quiet PC

Initially, key webpages were localised into 11 languages. After traffic analysis, the entire eCommerce site was localised into German.


Initial cost per visitor




Visitors to all sites

Quiet PC is a market leading supplier of PC cooling and quietening products both to dealers and direct to the public.

Quiet PC wanted to expand into new target markets and gain new international clients, so decided to use the Web-Translations International Blast service to test several markets at once.

Web-Translations are experts in using this approach to launch eCommerce sites internationally, so got to work localising Quiet PC’s key pages into 11 languages: French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, German, Finnish & Swedish.

The Challenge?

  • Work with the bespoke eCommerce platform that Quiet PC has developed internally
  • Undertake accurate localisation that fits an IT eCommerce brand
  • Manage multiple languages simultaneously

The Solution?

  • Liaised with Quiet PC’s developers to extract and reimport content
  • Put together a team of expert IT & Technology-specialised translators, carefully selected by our Project Managers
  • Utilised our expert Project Managers who are experienced in handling multilingual projects

The Results.

  • French, German and Dutch pages are performing fantastically – an equivalent cost of 2p per visitor!
  • Quiet PC has decided to upgrade its German site to localise the full content – within 6 months of the initial investment
  • More languages will follow to make Quiet PC an international eCommerce success
The results of localising into 11 languages have been excellent - achieving a cost per visitor of 2p!

- Glenn Garrett, Partner – Quiet PC LLP

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