2012: A Year of New International Horizons

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A stunning year of international celebration and sport, including the Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games, and the Diamond Jubilee, have transformed Britain’s global reputation and opened new opportunities for international dialogues, business and co-operation.

Few would disagree that 2012 has held some of the most inspired and inspiring moments in Britain’s recent history. In tennis, Andy Murray became the first British Grand Slam winner since 1936; in golf, the European Ryder Cup team performed the most miraculous comeback in living memory to beat the USA; in London, the Olympic Opening Ceremony stood as a tribute to humour, diversity and community.


Outside Britain, astounding achievements both relied on and made huge technological advances. NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on Mars; scientists at CERN discovered the Higgs Boson, which gives fundamental particles mass; the Arab world saw continuing revolution in numerous nations, aided by the Internet and social media.


With this kind of evolution in full swing, business must follow.


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