3-Steps to a successful multilingual website

We’re combining our 3 lead web services to help your website launch in international markets with a bang.

All good things come in threes – that’s certainly true when it comes to launching your website in a new language and country. Follow these 3 key steps to start seeing results from your website:

Step 1: Brand Research – find out how suitable your brand or product name is for international markets

Step 2: Keyword Research – investigate what people actually search for to find your product, and use this information to your advantage

Step 3: International Blast – put the results of the research into practice, localise your homepage & contact form, and start generating enquiries, with a method that is usually cheaper and more effective than pay-per-click advertising

Each of these services usually costs £295/€375 per language.

However, until the 23rd March we’re offering these 3 services as a package for £590/€750 – so you get one free when you buy them together.

To kickstart your website in a new language, or test a market you’re intending to target, simply email us, or call +44 (0) 113 8150460.