Trados | Cleaning up files:

Recently, we had a .ttx file that would not clean up. We tried the usual tricks, including putting the Excel source file in the same folder as the .ttx, and naming the source file exactly the same name as the .ttx file, but nothing seemed to work. The error message we kept getting was:

“Unable to locate original file. Please copy this original file into directory above and try again. File skipped!”

This did not initially make sense, as the original file was indeed in the folder where Trados thought it should be. However, we finally discovered, by looking at the .log file, that Trados was looking for Source, not Source.xls.

Using Trados, there is no way (that I know of, at least) to edit the name of the source file listed in the .ttx file. However, a .ttx file is essentially an .xml file, so we used an .xml editor which can easily handle large files (XML Notepad 2007) to do the job. After editing the .ttx file, so that the source file Trados was looking for was Source.xls, the .ttx file cleaned up perfectly! I still don’t know how the name of the source file lost its extension…