Breaking into the International Market? Here are some pointers!

Breaking into the international market comes with several challenges: different regulations, time zones, and language barriers. But maybe your business has a reached a point where you feel ready to take the leap. Here are some tips:


Moving your business into the international sphere takes careful planning and preparation.

Depending on the countries you choose to expand into, there are different factors you need to consider for each, including your customers’ language or language variant, their time zone, and their culture.

You will likely need to adapt your website beyond just translating the language. This process is called localisation, where the content is adapted to meet the cultural norms of the target audience.

It is also necessary to know the business culture and set up in your target country as each one will work slightly differently. For example, in the UAE, some businesses may require a partner local to the country due to regulations.

Why make the effort?

Thanks to digitalisation and increased internet usage, it’s as easy as ever to cross borders in seconds from the comfort of your own home.

By breaking into the international market, you allow your business to reach new markets, and therefore, new customers. This should boost sales! According to the Harvard Business Review, brands that have localised sales content are 1.5 times more likely to make a profit than businesses that don’t! It also provides your company with a competitive advantage. If you can send what the customer wants to their country, of course they’re going to choose you over a company that can’t. In addition, CSA Research reports that if aftersales services are offered in their native language, 75% of consumers are likely to consider purchasing from the same brand again.

In short, to successfully expand into a new country, you need to understand your new client base, what their likes and dislikes are, and any cultural taboos to avoid! You wouldn’t want to sell wine in a country whose culture frowns upon consuming alcohol!

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