Certified and Sworn translations

At Web-Translations, we provide B2B translations to help our clients trade internationally. This includes website translation as well as translation of marketing collateral.

Occasionally we are approached by individuals who require translation of certificates for public authorities to support an application, such as a visa, passport or residency permit, or at the request of other official organisations. Certificates that are requested include birth certificates, marriage certificates and degree certificates.

In the UK, we do not have the ‘sworn translator’ or ‘certified translator’ concept that exists in some other countries. However, translators may opt to become members of official translation organisations, where they are required to present their translation qualifications before being accepted for membership.

image courtesy of UKTI

For more information on what requirements the UK government has for translations submitted in support of visa/passport/residency applications, please follow this link to the www.gov.uk site.

At Web-Translations, we can provide translations with a statement on company letterhead stating that the document has been professionally translated.

For some requests, we can provide a statement that the translator is a member of the UK’s Institute of Linguists (IoL) or the UK’s Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI), or is a member of an official body in their country, which will satisfy the UK government requirements.  However this is not always possible.  Some of our translators are not members of these organisations, so it does depend on what languages you require as to whether we will be able to assist you. There may be an additional charge for arranging an ITI or IoL translator.

Please note that our minimum charge for certificate translations under 300 words is £60 plus VAT for most languages.

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