Facebook Marketing: Character Limits

Social media plays a large role in our daily lives, as we’re living in an increasingly more digital world. But social media isn’t just used for keeping in touch with friends and posting about our days, it’s also a great marketing tool for businesses. When posting content or creating ads and campaigns, there are a lot of things to consider. One of these is character limits!

This blog will look into the character limits for ads, posts and stories on Facebook:

Facebook – Ads

There are various types of Facebook Ads: Image Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads and Collection Ads. You can click this link to find out more about each of the ad types in more detail. But I will go into more detail below about the character limits:

Image and Video:

Image and Video Ads attract your audience with a visual aid, which is great for marketing new products. The text character limits for both of these are:

Headline: 40 characters

Primary: 125 characters

Description: 30 characters


Carousel Ads allow you to advertise up to 10 images or videos, giving your target audience a wider range of products to look through. The text character limits for the Carousel Ads are the same as those within Image and Video Ads, however you can also add a URL taking the customer directly to the products’ web page.

Headline: 40 characters

Primary: 125 characters

Description: 30 characters

Plus a URL to the product’s page


Similar to the Carousel Ads, Collection Ads allow you to display various products from your product catalogue within the same advert. The Collection character limits are also the same as the other ad types for the Heading and Primary text, however a direct web link to the product replaces the product’s description.

Headline: 40 characters

Primary: 125 characters

Plus a URL to the product’s web page

Facebook – Posts

According to several sources, the character limit for Facebook post content is 63,206 characters – so you probably won’t need to worry too much about exceeding this character limit.

This is great for sharing longer and more in-depth content with your audience.

Facebook – Stories

A more recent addition to the social media apps is the ability to add short stories to your account. This is great for sharing shorts snippets of everyday content regularly. Users can use this feature to keep up-to-date with the accounts that they follow, but it’s also a great place for businesses to advertise. The ads appear between other accounts’ stories and the ad can be shown for up to 5 seconds, or until the user exits the story.

The ad can be a still photo, or a video, and you can add links, polls, emojis and text to it. The character limit for these are:

Heading: 40 characters

Primary: 125 characters

How are character limits relevant to translation? It’s important to consider these character limits when we’re translating marketing content for social media. Particularly because languages vary in length. For example, German translations are typically longer than the English version.

We hope you found this blog insightful, and we will continue to look at other social media platforms in more detail too. If you have any questions about translating marketing content, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.