First Time Exporters: Full Support for your Website Translation

As the liberalisation of global commerce continues, more and more companies are joining the international market every year. Exporting has traditionally been seen as one of the most risky, and expensive ways to grow a business.  While there are many pitfalls and challenges when trading internationally, the Internet offers an excellent way for you to reach out and grow your market share, without investing millions.

Global trade has never been so easy with the First time Exporters Guide. By working with Web-Translations you will have a partner to help you at every stage in your journey.  We combine years of experience, with top-quality language and web skills to offer a hand-held, strategic approach to boosting your global trade.

First things first, are you ready?

Many businesses may want to start with a Web Audit, this helps determine how ready you are for international trade.

Ready to go!

Or perhaps you are confident about the website and want an immediate global presence. Either way, once you are satisfied with your website, a quick win is to publish a few pages in several languages across the globe using the International Blast service. This will immediately boost your traffic.

Once you start receiving visitors from across the globe, you’ll notice 2 things start to happen:

  1. Your English sales will increase
  2. You’ll start receiving new international opportunities

Commit to Localisation to reap the rewards…

The next step is to undertake international market testing, by localising relevant sections of your website for foreign markets you will further increase visitors, and improve the conversion of visitors to customers. As part of your market testing, it is likely that one or two key markets take off, making it obvious as to which market to commit to.

This is a simplification, we appreciate the different needs of different business and the intricacies of your industry. That said, our proven approach to international trade, has paid off time and time again, with varied customers.  See our Portfolio for examples.