Free Keyword Research

Knowing what people search for allows you to know how best to optimise your site. In addition, Keyword Research allows us to identify how competitive a keyword is and, consequently, the work involved to achieve a top 10 result on any Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Web-Translations are running a promotion to help clients better manage their English and multilingual SEO in order to increase web traffic. By providing us with a few of your keywords we can create further, synonymous keywords which can then be used – once translated and localised – in any multilingual SEO you undertake. As well as providing a frame of reference for the service you can expect to receive, this free, initial research will hopefully be of both use, and interest, to you. We offer the service for free as the information gleaned allows us to tailor a Multilingual SEO proposal for you.

We can research phrases, products, even brand names – both those of your company and of the competition, should you wish to try and steal a visit from someone looking for products similar to the ones you sell. Apple may use PC as a keyword, for example, in the hope of dragging prospective buyers onto their site.

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