Fun with foreign accents…

A brief, Friday morning, tea-break surfing session when you live approximately 60 miles from any sea means only one thing: I’ve been trawling the ‘net.

Fishing and sea puns aside, I’ve just stumbled over a very fun site – Language Trainers Group – and, although they don’t sell Portuguese speaking Pumas, nor Norwegian-tongued Nikes as the name suggests, they have an enjoyable game hidden amongst their pages.

All you do is watch the video clips of non native English speakers reciting lines from poems, then guess which country they are from based on their strangely accented twangs. If you are right, you get a chance to guess which city they are from, too, which is a lot harder in most cases.

A colleague and I got just over 50% correct, stumbling embarrassingly short of the bottom rung of the High Score ladder…how will you do?