i’m lovin it…

Last week we talked about promoting multilingual websites, with the general idea being that Content is King. Creating great website content is the best way to get indexed, and also to get visitors and conversions.

With your English website, it is fairly straightforward, but where should you start with your multilingual sites? Developing a global marketing strategy should be first on your tasklist.

McDonald’s is the Big Cheese (with bacon) of international marketing – ranking no. 7 on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands for 2012. McDonald’s successful strategy can serve as a blueprint for SMEs, so let’s have a look at what they do well:

Keep overarching branding consistent
No matter where you are, when you see those golden arches, you know there will be a McDonald’s.

Adapt products
From selling Kronenburg Beer in France, to the McArabia flatbread sandwich in the Middle East and the McMuffin with vegemite spread in Australia, McDonald’s creates region-specific menu items.

Unify marketing campaigns
Launched in 2003, the company’s first global marketing campaign, with its ‘i’m lovin it’ strapline, was a resounding success. The strapline was localised for some countries, but kept in English for others. The localisations are not all direct translations, but do all include the concept of loving something. Product packaging and television advertising included a selection of localised different straplines, highlighting the global aspect of the company.

McDonald’s registered the name ‘Macca’s’ for use in Australia. In France, the website uses ‘McDo’ frequently (pronounced Mac-Dough, which is how the French refer to McDonald’s).

Whilst keeping the overall branding consistent and unifying marketing campaigns, products and marketing have been localised, making McDonald’s familiar wherever you are, but local enough to appeal to the target market.