It’s all about the grammar…

If you haven’t seen the latest BBC drama Restless, then turn away now! Or better yet, catch it on iPlayer. Not only was it partly set in my hometown of Las Cruces, New Mexico, but it was full of period costumes from the 40s and 60s, with plenty of spies popping out from behind trees.

The turning point of episode two centred on a German map which the main character, a British spy, was supposed to pass on to an another spy while in Las Cruces. She was only supposed to obtain the map and pass it on. However, she decided to look over the map and noticed that the German text had grammatical and spelling errors. This set off a whole chain of events and she nearly ended up beng killed.

Poor grammar doesn’t usually lead to a life or death situation, but at Web-Translations we understand that it sometimes can. User guides for electronics, health and safety information, anything related to medicine or health supplements – if any of these have incorrect information or are not clear to the user, there can be serious consequences. At Web-Translations we recommend proofreading by a second linguist as standard, and our Project Managers perform rigorous QA on all files. It really is vital to get the basics right.