Learn a Language For Your Holiday

Whether you’re visiting warmer climes, or somewhere with arctic conditions, learning some of the local language might help enhance your holiday travel experience! Here we outline some of the perks of giving the local lingo a shot whilst you travel! Get ready to pick up that phrasebook and learn a language for your holiday!

Cultural Immersion

As you probably already know, part of the joy of going on holiday is the new cultures that you get to experience. Learning a new language is arguably the key to unlocking the heart of a culture. By learning a language for your holiday, you will be able to gain a greater understanding of the customs and traditions of those you meet. You may even be able to spark a friendship with some of those people and find some of the more traditional local spots to eat, drink, and spend the day.

Break Down Barriers

Tying into making friends with the locals – being able to converse a small amount in the local language may reduce travel frustrations and miscommunications. Imagine hopping on the bus abroad and being able to ask for your destination and the cost without any doubt about what’s going on – Eton Institute reports that “learning the basics of the local language will help you get around places and make travel so much easier.” Additionally, locals often respect you giving it a shot – even if you don’t get it right!

Making Memories

Through these factors combined, you may find that your holiday is a more relaxed experience than previous trips. Plus, by talking to the locals you may see a side of your destination that you didn’t see advertised before you arrived! Whether it’s a café that’s popular with the locals for having the best food, or a certain beach that is quieter than another – the perks of having had a conversation with someone local to the area means that you will gain priceless insider knowledge.

Overall, there are many positives to giving learning the language of your destination a go. Have you seen our other post on the more general benefits of learning a language? Read it here!