Localising Android apps, Google-style

Chances are, you use Google to search the web. You may even use the Google Chrome web browser, and Gmail for your emails. What you might not know is that if you have a smartphone that runs the Android operating system, like many HTC, Samsung, LG and Acer phones, you are using yet another Google product.

Google financially backed Android Inc, and later bought the company in 2005. The first Android phone was sold in 2008, and now only 5 years later, Android has 64% of the global smartphone market.

Adding another trick to their bag, last week Google launched its new Android app translation service.

Developers of applications for Android devices can now submit their request to Google through the Google Play Developer Console, and hire professional translators vetted by Google to localise their app. Prices vary depending on the amount of work required.

Launching an app in several languages leads to greater success as the app will reach a larger audience. Developers who participated in Google’s pilot program saw amazing results after localising their apps: the developer of Zombie Ragdoll found that 80% of installs were non-English versions, and dating app SayHi Chat saw a 120% increase in installs in their target foreign markets.

If you’re keen to try this new service, but want extra reassurance that the finished localisation is fit for purpose, ask us to check it for you. We can even perform some testing to make sure users get the best possible experience from your app. Ask us for more details.