Making the case for Multilingual SEO

SEO is just as important for your foreign language sites as for your English one. Simply translating content and putting it online unfortunately does not mean that any of your potential customers will find the pages you have created for their benefit.

As Nataly Kelly of the Common Sense Advisory says:

“It just doesn’t work to assume that a target audience who has been linguistically underserved in the past will miraculously show up at your site in the months following the launch of your new content. […] you need to publicize your new content and drive your target audience to the new site. Just as with your source language website, expect the traffic to build over time.”

This is precisely why we package our localisation service to include some initial SEO to promote the localised site in the new target country. The methods we use include Search Engine submissions, link building and directory listings.

For best results, the effort would need to be maintained on a regular basis, but we find that the measures we undertake on behalf of our clients is usually enough to give them a good start and get decent traffic to the localised website, and in turn a boost to their UK web traffic.

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